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Occupational Therapy
A pediatric "OT" is an individual with specialized training in assisting children to perform functional daily living skills. For children, that's mainly play, self-help, and school activities.

Pediatric occupational therapists evaluate and treat children birth to adolescents who have difficulties with fine motor, visual motor, feeding, handwriting, attention and sensory processing skills, just to name a few.

Speech Language Therapy and OT
Several Occupational Therapists rent space in our office. When appropriate, we are able to co-treat patients for improved results.

Social Skills Group
Interaction and socialization groups are available for young children, tweens, adolescents and young adults. They explore;

  • Conversing effectively
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Play skills

"It Takes Two to Talk" Early Intervention for Toddlers and Peschool-Age Children
The program objectives are parent education; early language intervention and social support. Our speech-language pathologists are certified by the Hanen Centre to lead "It Takes Two to Talk"- The Hanen Program for Parents. After an individual assessment our speech-language pathologists guide a group of parents through a multi-session training that empowers parents to maximize their child's opportunities for communication development in everyday situations.

Dear Carolina Speech & Language Center,

The Hanen Program, "It Takes Two to Talk" has taught us how to let our son take the lead, how to follow his lead and how
to add new language to our interactions with him. We took what we learned and applied it to everyday activities with
him. Since the program, we
have seen our son's vacabulary and attention increase. It has made us more confident as parents to see such a big dfference in our son. We have grown so much with him during the process.

It is life changing and well worth it!
From, JP's Mom and Dad, Summerville, SC

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