Carolina Speech & Language Center in Summerville, South Carolina

Individualized services for children
from birth to 18 years


Therapies Provided
We provide therapy services that are tailored to your child's needs. These services can be offered in the home for BabyNet children, at the clinic, or, in some cases, at a daycare setting. We can also work with your child individually, in a group, or a combination of both models. Your child's individually tailored plan can help with skills in the following areas:
Feeding & Drinking
- Early feeding skills   

- Coordinating sucking/swallowing
- Managing food aversions   
- Transitioning from bottle to cup   
- Providing age-appropriate food  
- Preventing choking 


Social Communication
- Group social interaction
- Pragmatic language
- Behavior management
- Conversing effectively
- Asking and answering questions
- Play skills









- Using age-appropriate sounds   
- Lisping
- Nasality   
- Slurring
- Coordination of speech sounds   
- Clarity of speech

- Word retrieval
- Verbal problem solving
- Reasoning
- Language and reading link
- Bilingualism
- Comprehension of language
- Following directions
- Using and understanding grammar
- Sign language
- Augmentative communication

- Critical thinking skills
- Attention
- Memory (long-term and short-term)
- Appropriate use of objects in play
-Verbal and non-verbal 
sequencing of daily tasks
- Planning and sequencing
- Low-tech and high-tech     alternatives to spoken language

Quality therapy
tailored to your child's


We are committed to providing the children of the Lowcountry with high quality speech, language and feeding therapy services. Our highly qualified speech-language pathologists have the expertise to assess each child's level of communication and to deliver appropriate, individualized treatment.
We are experienced in working with a variety of different disabilities, which include:

- Articulation/Phonology     Deficits
Asperger's SyndromeAutism
- Spectrum Disorder
Cerebral Palsy
Cleft Palate
Craniofacial Disorders
Down Syndrome
Hearing/Vision Disorders
Premature Birth
- Sensory Integration Disorder
Traumatic Brain Injury
- Receptive and
Language Disorder